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  • Software Engineer

    My primary passion and career

    Currently working at VMware as a Senior Member of Technical Staff. Prevously worked with companies including IG Group, Software AG, SAP Ariba and Tata Consultancy Services.

  • Student

    Always a student

    Has a Bachelors in Computer Science, Masters in Cloud Computing and 10 professional certifications from companies including Microsoft (c#, SQL Server), Amazon (AWS), Pivotal (Spring), Oracle (Java, Java EE), IBM (OOAD, Rational).

  • Blogger

    A good way to share my thoughts

    Heartin's Java tech blog currently has 6000+ followers from 45 countries. Heartin's other blog initiatives include: teaching initiative and tech blog, cloud learning initiative, and travel and food blog

  • Teacher

    Always like to teach what I learn

    Likes to teach and speak on meetups. Recently spoken at Oracle Java Meetup on Java 8 Concurrency and Software Craftsmanship Meetup on Solid Principles of Design. Also take classes on technology to students on weekends and free times.

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My active blogs and other web projects.

Teaching initiative and tech blog

Java & Javascript Tech Blog

Cloud Learning Initiative

Data structures and algorithms

Food and Travel Blog

Reviews on products

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